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Album: Music on poems by other authors

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According to the website "Songs that go with the times" (Bài ca đi cùng năm tháng), where the recordings are contributed by its members, the piano accompaniment was performed by the composer Hoang Van himself, the work was recorded in November 1962. This is probably the only recording of this work. Until now we did not know the date of the work "Shirt stitching" and found only one manuscript of this song, probably made around 199x, perhaps for some publishing project. Now, thanks to this discovery, we can deduce that the original was probably burnt in a fire in the library of the Vietnam Radio Orchestra at the end of 1969.

"After the victory of Dien Bien Phu in 1954, our country had hopes for peace and reunification after the parliamentary elections a few years later, but these hopes were brutally swept away, especially from the day the United States began to multiply its fierce attacks in the North after the Gulf of Tonkin incident in August 1964. Cinema, music, theatre... the art of an independent Vietnam after the war of resistance against the French at that time was only just beginning.

It was also the time when Hoàng Vân started to explore songwriting to find his style. Sometimes they were sketches, he experimented with many subjects and styles. He returned to some areas in the north, revisiting places where he had lived when he was still a soldier, and other places, in the relatively peaceful life of Vietnam in the early 1960s. He travels to Hai Phong, Tra Co, Nam Dinh, Thai Binh... and writes down the lyrics of the music in the notebooks that are always at his side..." "The Composer Hoang Van - For Eternity", Kim Đồng Publishing House, Hanoi, 2022, 265 p., p. 35.

Thus, the retrieval of this recording allowed us to date the work to the same period as "Nhớ" (on a popular poem by Nguyen Dinh Thi), "The Romance of the Sailor" (on a poem by Mai Liem), "Poem for Thai Nguyen" and "Hanoi, Hue, Saigon" (on the two poems by Le Nguyen). The identification of this work at this stage confirmed once again the promise of the diversity of writing styles and styles of Hoang Van, a musician whose motto in life was "my compositions must not resemble anything that has been written by others and written by myself before". The promise of a career as diverse as the rare one we have today.

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