Album Âm hưởng dân ca

Thể hiện:

The flute's sound in the mountains

Album: Folk songs source inspiration

Năm sáng tác: (giải thưởng 1992)

Lời bài hát: The flute's sound in the mountains

We listen to a strange song imbued with the echo of the northern mountains: melody, lyrics, expression ... until the last sentence: "Please give me a child, only one"... Why this song? Enigma until the day when we found the document attesting to its subject, it was dedicated to "wounded or dead for the Fatherland". Despite of the subject, the song is always very colorful or even metamorphosed as the composer liked to do in some of his works. Written at the end of the 198x, at the end of the war on the northern border with China, a third war that Vietnam suffered from 1979 to 1990 but little known in the press. We listen to it today, on July 27 of each year Vietnam commemorates its wounded or dead for the Fatherland.

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Hoang Van Vietnamese composer