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Flaming flowers season

Album: Children's and youth songs Album

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Lời bài hát: Flaming flowers season

Pheasants, cicadas, flowers of all kinds, perfumes of lotus and fruits ripe in the air ... it's summer, holidays, impatience to wait for a new school year. It is also the season of the flamboyant whose bright red color will remain engraved for life of each schoolboy.

"Composed on the Missolidian range of 6 notes, giving it an indefinable character, neither traditional nor European, hence its irresistible charm for this child's song..." wrote Nguyen Thuy Loan in "The History of Vietnamese Music ". One of the 50 best songs for children of the 20th century (Hoàng Vân owns 3 out of 50), "La saison des flamboyants" is also one of the most sung by all generations of Vietnamese children since its composition in the 1970s.

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Hoang Van Vietnamese composer