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Thể hiện:

Spring's green and blues shapes

Album: Children's and youth songs Album

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Lời bài hát: Spring's green and blues shapes

When did spring arrive?

From the song of a bird or a flower?

Spring comes from where?

From the high mountains or the distant sea?

The flowers bloom on the page

On the scarlet scarves

The sun is warm and the birds sing

The cold wind goes away

Spring comes when winter is over

Who is calling for spring?

Spring is calling me

Spring is coming, dear swallows!

It has arrived, will you fly everywhere

Hello new spring, hello my bird

Let's fly in the bright blue sky

Green branches green green green green

Sky, water blue blue blue

A blue spring blue

Green rice field, green forest

Green mountains and blue ocean

A beautiful blue full of dreams

Tình tính tang, tang tính tình

A beautiful blue and green dream

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Hoang Van Vietnamese composer