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Hoang Van is a multi-talented composer-author who writes and creates many genres of music and leaves a mark on all of the music kinds he composes.

He is famous for millions of fans thanks to the song, but the talent of the musician doesn't stop at this popular kind of music. He also composed a lot for instrumental music, though it is less known.

At the beginning of the war, song was the most popular genre, Hoang Van wrote less instrumental music and concentrated on vocal. Some of his works are difficult to categorize, he creates lot of new musical genres. For example, he broke through orchestration skills in many of the lyrical and accompaniment pieces of his songs. Contemporary pianists certainly remember a great deal of excitement when playing piano accompaniments of «Welcome to Liberation Army, welcome great spring", "Song dedicated to Professor", as well as dozens of other songs.

He writes music for TV shows, songs for institutions, universities, industries and localities. Following the ancient Vietnamese musicians from 1940-1950, he brought to the top the genre of chorus, choir, and epic with symphonic orchestra.In his symphonic works, main of pieces are for the symphony orchestra with the choir. From the five symphonies he left, only one was recorded and played, the No. 1, The bronze castle of my homeland.He also left music for many movies, theatral pieces, ballets...

Hoang Van Vietnamese composer